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Founder: Andre Citroen (1878-1935).
1919: The Citroen 'Type A'.
1922 December 17: Using Citroen half-tracks, Georges-Marie Haardt and 11 others crossed the Sahara Desert from Touggourt in Algeria to Timbuktu in Mali on 7 January 1923.
1924: Citroen half-tracks traversed Africa from north to south.
1931-1932: The Georges-Marie Haardt led expedition travelled the Silk Road from from Lebanon to China.
1934: Traction Avant (front wheel drive) cars, 7CV & 11CV ranges.
1934: But the company had overreached itself and Citroen went bankrupt.
1935: Andre Citroen died.
1935: Michelin took control of the company [Rey96].
1939: Prototypes of the 2CV were built but the war intervened.
1948: The Citroen 2CV was launched.
dark red
a 1949 Citroen
1955-1975: The Citroen DS 19 made its debut at the 1955 Paris Motor Show. Its aerodynamic styling was revolutionary. It featured front wheel wheel drive, a hydraulically operated semi-automatic 4-speed gearbox, and self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension.
The ID19 was a mechanically simpler version of the DS19 with, e.g., manual gearbox operation.
a 1966 Citroen ID19
1961: Citroen launched the AMI 6.
1968: Citroen took a major stake in Maserati until 1975.
1970: The Citroen SM was presented at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. Its 2.7 litre V6 engine came from Maserati.
1974-76: Automobile Peugeot took over Citroen, forming 'PSA Group' [Rey96].
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