2003: Tesla was founded in California to make electric vehicles (EVs).
2006: Prototype Tesla Roadsters, based on the Lotus Elise, debuted at the San Francisco motor show.
2008-2012: The Tesla Roadster sports car, with 185kW motor, a top speed of 212km/hr, brought excitement to the electric car (EV) -- at a price, us$110K. The claimed range is 300-400km on a 3.5 hour charge (70amps @ 240V) of the 53 kW hr battery.
2009 March 26 Tesla unveiled prototypes of the Model S sedan EV (see 2012).
2010: RHD Roadsters for the UK.
2010 November: Toyota showed an electric RAV4 EV, in cooperation with Tesla, at the Los Angeles Auto Show
2011: The Tesla Roadster 2.5 arrived in .au at au$206K+orc.
2012: The Tesla Model S sedan due for delivery.
2013, March 31: Tesla announced that it had turned a 1st quarter profit.
2015, September 29: launched its Model X electric SUV.
2017, July: Deliveries of the Model 3 began in the US, priced from us$35,000, but ...
2019 March: A base, "standard range" (220mi) Model 3 was finally announced at us$35,000. "Long range" (325mi) us$43K. All sales went on-line (Tesla later backed away from that move).

2019, 15 March: Tesla revealed details of the Model Y electric, mid-size SUV, from us$39K (early 2021), top models available late 2020, 230 to 300 mile range.

2020 January 22: The share market value of Tesla exceeded us$100 billion, greater than that of Volkswagen (Toyota is valued at us$230 billion). Tesla delivered 367,500 cars in 2019 againsts VW's ~11 million.
2020 July 2: Tesla us$209.47 billion, more than Toyota (~us$205bn)!
2021 October 25: The share market value (SMV) of Tesla passed us$1 trillion after Hertz ordered 100,000 Model 3s. Tesla produced 500,000 cars in 2020. (The SMV was us$801B 20/12/2023.)

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