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Made a protoype implementation of λ in Javascript [here]. When the bugs are ironed out(!) it will spread to the other lambda-calculus pages.

Cooked up a Javascript [demonstration] of the modelling-alignment version of the dynamic programming algorithm (DPA) – the basic case, 1-state machine, optimal alignment. Modelling-alignment gives fewer false-positives and fewer false-negatives than do "shuffling" and "masking out" when it comes to deciding if two sequences are related or not and, if they are related, then in what way are they related? (Also see [PAD04].)

Reimplemented the [Ideal Gas] simulation in Javascript. The energy in the gas is conserved. Calculations are done in such a way that there are no rounding errors. The gas relates to the Feathers on the Arrow of Time chapter of CSW's MML book. The reimplementation was necessary because Java applets have been dropped from most web browsers (why the bug laden 'Flash' is still supported is beyond me).

5 May 2017: Hackers tried to influence the French Presidential election by releasing stolen emails and files from Emmanuel Macron's organisation just before the start of the campaigning black-out in the final two-candidate run off.  7 May: Neverthless centrist Macron defeated far-right Marine Le Pen, 66%:34%.  It is widely believed that hackers, possibly Russian, tried to influence the 2016 US Presidential election in favour of Donald Trump by similar means. Trump (Rep) went on to defeat Hilary Clinton (Dem).

Adam Sisman's biography of John le Carre (the pen name of David Cornwell) was published in 2015. Although well aware that DC had, more than once, tried to write an autobiography, AS must have been a little miffed when his subject's memoir, The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life, came out in 2016. In fact it is very rewarding to read both books in close succession. Born in 1931, DC was a member of MI5 and later MI6 before he rose to fame with the release of his third novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963). DC has a bit to say about secrets, lies, and allies spying on allies' citizens.

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