X 4x4s
1994: BMW bought Rover, and hence Land Rover / Range Rover from British Aerospace (BAe).
1998: BMW bought the Rolls-Royce name and car logo from Rolls-Royce Plc.. (VW bought Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Bentley. BMW licensed the RR name to VW until the end of 2002.)
1999: BMW X5 4x4 released in the USA. BMW working on smaller ‘X3’ and larger ‘X7’ 4x4s, the latter drawing on the Range Rover III.
2000 July 1: BMW sold Land Rover to Ford.
2001: The new (BMW) Mini reached Australia.
2008: A small SUV concept, the X1, was at the Paris Motor Show. Production X1s went on sale in .au in April 2010.
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