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1901: Henry Ford built and raced (10 Oct.) his Sweepstakes car v. Alexander Winton.
1903: Ford begins. Model A Ford produced.
1908: Model T Ford introduced, initially built at the Piquette Road Manufacturing Plant. A 2-door roadster cost $825. Assembly line production was developed over the next 5 years.
1911: Ford assembly in the UK, at Trafford Park, Manchester.
1913: Ford introduced the moving assembly line.
1922: Ford bought the Lincoln Motor Company from Henry Leland on 4 February.
1925, .au: Ford Motor Company of Australia formed and started assembling Model Ts (see 2016 below).
1927: "The formal end of Model T production."
1929: Production started at a new UK factory, Dagenham.
1934, .au: "The world's first coupe utility, model 40, designed and built by Ford Australia." -- abc.
WWII: Ford produced Jeeps.
1945: Fordson Major tractor begins production at Dagenham.
1948: Introduction of the F-Series (F-1 to F-8) "bonus built" trucks.
1953: First F-100 pickup truck (replaces the F-1).
1954: Ford Thunderbird production began in September.
1960, June 28: The first, XK, Falcon was produced at Broadmeadows, .au -- 2359cc ohv straight-6, 67kW, 187Nm, 3-speed manual or 2-speed auto..
1962, October: The Ford Cortina was launched, 2-door, from £639. The Cortina Mk 2 followed in 1966.
1964: The Ford Mustang began production in March, priced at us$2,368. It made an appearance in the movie Goldfinger but not as Bond's drive which was a DB5.
1965: The Ford Transit Van was launched in the UK and Europe; eventually the typical Transit driver became colloquially known as "white van man."
1965: Jim Clark won the Indianapolis 500 in a Lotus-Ford.
1966-1969: Ford GT40s won the Le Mans 24-hour race 4 years in a row.
1972, .au: "The Australian designed Falcon XA was introduced" -- abc.
1975: First Ford F-150 pickup truck (ute).
1986: A replacement for the mk-1 Transit van.
1987: Ford bought 75% of Aston Martin, and 100% in 1994.
1990: Ford bought Jaguar.
1999: Ford bought Volvo's car-making division (but not the trucks).
2000: The mk-3 Transit van range offered front-wheel drive in the smaller models.
2000: Ford bought LandRover from BMW. LR joined Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lincoln and Volvo in Ford's Prestige Automotive Group.
2001: Ford F250 and F350 trucks back on sale in .au.
2002, Feb. 28: The Ford R7 4×4 concept or, it was said, prototype of a possible passenger car of the near future at the Melbourne International Motor Show.
Feb 2002, Ford R7 4×4 concept
The R7 featured independent suspension front and rear. The car looks very large but is shorter than the current Ford Falcon.
2002 July: The updated 'BA' (Barra) Ford Falcon (4×2) soon to replace the unloved 'AU'.
2003 February: Ford had one of its 15 prototype Territory (was R7) all wheel drives at the Melbourne Motor Show.
Feb 2003, Ford Territory 4×4 prototype

July 2003, Fraser Island
2004: On sale as 6-cyl. 4×4 and 4×2 versions.
2007, March: Needing to raise cash, Ford sold Aston Martin to an investment group for £475m (apart from a £40m holding). David Richards, head of Prodrive, became the new chairman of Aston Martin.
2007: Jaguar and LandRover also put up for sale.

2008 February 17 (.au): FG series Ford Falcon sedan and ute revealed. Petrol 4-litre I6, or 5.4-litre V8 engines. (On sale May 2008, from au$36.5K.)

2008, March 26: Ford agreed to sell Land Rover and Jaguar to Tata Motors of India for us$2.3billion. The deal was completed on 2 June 2008.

2010 March 28: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd (.cn) signed to buy Volvo Cars from Ford for us$1.8billion. The deal was completed by 2 August 2010.

2010: Ford ends production of the Mercury marque, in late 2010, in favour of Lincoln (announced 2 June 2010).

2013, May 23: Ford announced that it would stop building cars in Australia in 2016.

2016 October 7: Ford Australia shut its Broadmeadows and Geelong factories (see 1925 above).

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