Steyr Daimler Puch


1899: Johann Puch registered his Styrian bicycle factory.
1900: First car built by Puch.
1904: Puch motorcylces
1928: Puch and Austro Daimler (who started by building Daimler cars under licence) merged to form Austro Daimler Puch Werke AG.
1934: Austro Daimler Puch and Steyr Works merge to form Steyr Daimler Puch AG.
1952: First scooters.
1954: First mopeds.
1957: Puch 500 car, based on the Fiat 500 but with 2-cylinder 500cc Puch engine. It is hard to believe but the car was successfully rallied!
1959: Haflinger.
1971: Pinzgauer 4×4 and 6×6.
1979: G-wagen production in cooperation with Mercedes Benz.
1984: VW Transporter Syncro (4x4) production (to 1992).
1987: Motorcycle and bicycle business sold to Piaggio of Italy.
1990: Eurostar, ~SFT+Chrysler, built the Chrysler Voyager (Daimler Chrysler bought out Eurostar in 1999).
1994: Production of Jeep Grand Cherokees, LHD and all RHD models.
1996: Production of Mercedes Benz E-class 4MATIC (4x4).
1998: Steyr Daimler Puch AG bought by Magna Int. Inc..
- from Steyr and other sources.
2000: Steyr sold the Pinzgauer production facilities to Automotive Technic Ltd. of Aldershot, Hampshire; the former importer for Pinzgauer in England had a contract from the [British] Army for new Pinzgauers.
( 2005: Stewart and Stevenson acquired Automotive Technic.
  2006: Armor Holdings bought Stewart and Stevenson.
  2007: BAE Systems bought Armor Holdings and thus Stewart and Stevenson.)
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