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Defender II

2019, September 10: Land-Rover finally revealed the Defender replacement at the Frankfurt motor show, SWB '90' 3-door from £40±K, LWB '110' 5-door from £45,240, us$50K-us$81K (au$70K+?), 'commercial' from £35K+VAT, petrol I6 or diesels, 8-speed auto, full-time 4WD, 2-speed transfer case, all independent suspension by coils or air. "Deliveries of the ... 4x4 are expected to start in the [northern] spring [2020]" — LR.

levels: base, S, SE, HSE, 1st Ed., & X.
aluminum monocoque construction, "D7x architecture"
P400: 3.0 I6 turbo, "mild" hybrid (297kW, 550Nm),
2.0 I4 petrol,
D200: 2.0 I4 diesel (147kW, 430Nm),
D240: 2.0 I4 diesel (177kW, 430Nm)
8-speed auto, dual-range full-time 4WD
  '90': loa 4323mm, h 1927mm, w 1999mm, wb 2587mm (102");
'110': loa 4758mm, h 1916mm, w 1999mm, wb 3022mm (119");
'130': loa 5100mm, h 1915mm, w 1999mm, wb 3022mm (?)
18-, 19-, 20- and 22-inch wheel options
90 & 110: approach 38°, departure 47°, wading 900mm
.au: 110, June 2020, from au$70K to au$137K (1st Edn) +orc

2020, February 26: The new Land Rover Defender 90 went on sale in the UK from £40,290. Commercial derivatives available later this year from £35,000 (+VAT) — LR.


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